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General Duty is My sounding board.  Originally, I used it to create a general duty web directory.  Unfortunately, I had based it on an insecure web application script software package that I was trying out and it was hacked.  I guess you could say that it failed the test.  But getting hacked  caused Me great heartache, just as it had caused me previously. 

I know that hacking is not really about doing malicious stuff to other people's websites.  But there are hackers who do, giving all hackers a bad name.  This was not the only time that I have been hacked, either.  It actually happens quite a bit because I rely on open source program scripts to manage the functionality of a number of my web properties.  Unfortunately, due to poor open source software coding that are common practices in popular open source software, these flaws in programming code are often exploited by hackers.

As a freelance web designer I am constantly butting my head against technology as I design (and redesign) websites.  To be honest, static web pages which generally display the same web page in the same way (according to what is appropriate per viewing media platform or screen resolution), to everyone whom views it are very secure. Such regular web pages are actually quite secure because all of the code used to generate static pages (HTML & CSS) are merely directing the visual presentation formatting and stylization.  Even animated visual and/or audio feedback such as found in simple buttons or complex menu systems allow for interactive ques that leads to more user friendly navigation can be based on these styling techniques using such code.

However, websites that are built solely on static web pages do not allow any other logical utilitarian functionality in a website.  Remember, all that a static website does is display the same information to everyone, formatted accordingly.  In order to allow a visitor any rudimentary functionality such as to search the website text for specific keywords, to allow a user to register, to send feedback to the site owner (or administrator), to suggest a link and text description to a web directory or to upload a photograph.

This is where open source web application scripts that are freely available to the general public allow a webmaster the ability to simply add such functionality by installing a script to accomplish certain functions become so important.  These scripts can enable the general site owner with duty functions of all sorts to allow an enhanced user experience to visitors and can even assist the administrator with management duties.

Unfortunately, not all publicly available open source web scripts are reliable.  The phpBB forums application which allows users to register, login and discuss any particular topic is notorious for security holes.

Which is why is now setup as My own sounding board.  Because as a web designer, adding functionality to a website is of great importance, as is adding the utilitarion functionality for a client to easily administer a website through a Content Management System (CMS).

Here, at, I plan to explore not only the web scripts that enhance a website's functionality, but also the paired mobile applications for these platforms to allow users the easy administration and mamagement of websites not just from their computers, but also from tablets, smart phones and other hand-held smart devices.

I will not only explore how easy these web scripts are to install, but also how functional they are, how easy to use, and how well they are implemented in electronic device apps.  One of the very first issues I will be tackling is application security.

Stay tuned.

That said, all that it takes to publish your business on the internet are simple static web pages coded in HTML & CSS, which are both incredibly easy to use.  This is important, as a simple static website which announces and advertises your business, services and products, will act as if a 24 hour sales person, increases your business brand as well as your business' market reach and improves your professional business presence. 

No matter what, there is absolutely no argument for keeping a business (no matter how small) offline.

Doug Peters
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General Duty TM Logo

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